Uses of Interface

Packages that use Heap Package containing common code for performing full syntactic parsing. Package containing utility data structures and algorithms used by multiple other packages. 

Uses of Heap in

Fields in declared as Heap
protected  Heap<Parse> AbstractBottomUpParser.completeParses
          Completed parses.
protected  Heap<Parse> AbstractBottomUpParser.ndh
          Incomplete parses which have been advanced.
protected  Heap<Parse> AbstractBottomUpParser.odh
          Incomplete parses which will be advanced.

Uses of Heap in

Classes in that implement Heap
 class ListHeap<E extends Comparable<E>>
          This class implements the heap interface using a List as the underlying data structure.
 class TreeHeap<E>
          Deprecated. not used anymore, when there is need for a heap use ListHeap instead

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