Package containing utility data structures and algorithms used by multiple other packages.


Interface Summary
BeamSearchContextGenerator<T> Interface for context generators used with a sequence beam search.
Heap<E> Interface for interacting with a Heap data structure.
ObjectStream<T> Reads Objects from a stream.
ResetableIterator<E> This interface makes an Iterator resetable.

Class Summary
AbstractEventStream<T> This is a base class for EventStream classes.
BeamSearch<T> Performs k-best search over sequence.
Cache Provides fixed size, pre-allocated, least recently used replacement cache.
CollectionEventStream Creates an event stream out of a collection of events.
CountedSet<E> Set which counts the number of times a values are added to it.
FilterObjectStream<S,T> Abstract base class for filtering ObjectStreams.
HashList Class which creates mapping between keys and a list of values.
ListHeap<E extends Comparable<E>> This class implements the heap interface using a List as the underlying data structure.
Pair<A,B> Deprecated.
ParagraphStream Stream filter which merges text lines into paragraphs.
PlainTextByLineStream Reads a plain text file and return each line as a String object.
ReverseListIterator<T> An iterator for a list which returns values in the opposite order as the typical list iterator.
Sequence Represents a weighted sequence of outcomes.
Span Class for storing start and end integer offsets.
StringList The StringList is an immutable list of Strings.
TreeHeap<E> Deprecated. not used anymore, when there is need for a heap use ListHeap instead
Version The Version class represents the OpenNlp Tools library version.

Exception Summary
InvalidFormatException This exception indicates that a resource violates the expected data format.

Package Description

Package containing utility data structures and algorithms used by multiple other packages.

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