Package containing common code for performing full syntactic parsing.


Interface Summary
GapLabeler Interface for labeling nodes which contain traces so that these traces can be predicted by the parser.
HeadRules Interface for encoding the head rules associated with parsing.
Parser Interface for full-syntactic parsers.

Class Summary
AbstractBottomUpParser Abstract class which contains code to tag and chunk parses for bottom up parsing and leaves implementation of advancing parses and completing parses to extend class.
AbstractContextGenerator Abstract class containing many of the methods used to generate contexts for parsing.
AbstractParserEventStream Abstract class extended by parser event streams which perform tagging and chunking.
ChunkContextGenerator Creates predivtive context for the pre-chunking phases of parsing.
Cons Class to hold feature information about a specific parse node.
Constituent Class used to hold constituents when reading parses.
Parse Data structure for holding parse constituents.
ParserModel This is an abstract base class for ParserModel implementations.

Enum Summary
ParserEventTypeEnum Enumerated type of event types for the parser.

Package Description

Package containing common code for performing full syntactic parsing.

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