Class ParserChunkerSequenceValidator

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ParserChunkerSequenceValidator
extends Object
implements SequenceValidator<String>

Constructor Summary
ParserChunkerSequenceValidator(ChunkerModel model)
Method Summary
 boolean validSequence(int i, String[] inputSequence, String[] tagList, String outcome)
          Determines whether a particular continuation of a sequence is valid.
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Constructor Detail


public ParserChunkerSequenceValidator(ChunkerModel model)
Method Detail


public boolean validSequence(int i,
                             String[] inputSequence,
                             String[] tagList,
                             String outcome)
Description copied from interface: SequenceValidator
Determines whether a particular continuation of a sequence is valid. This is used to restrict invalid sequences such as those used in start/continue tag-based chunking or could be used to implement tag dictionary restrictions.

Specified by:
validSequence in interface SequenceValidator<String>
i - The index in the input sequence for which the new outcome is being proposed.
inputSequence - The input sequence.
tagList - The outcomes so far in this sequence.
outcome - The next proposed outcome for the outcomes sequence.
true is the sequence would still be valid with the new outcome, false otherwise.

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