Uses of Interface

Packages that use EndOfSentenceScanner Package related to identifying sentece boundries.   

Uses of EndOfSentenceScanner in

Classes in that implement EndOfSentenceScanner
 class AbstractEndOfSentenceScanner
          Deprecated. use DefaultEndOfSentenceScanner instead
 class DefaultEndOfSentenceScanner
          Default implementation of the EndOfSentenceScanner.

Constructors in with parameters of type EndOfSentenceScanner
SDEventStream(ObjectStream<SentenceSample> samples, SDContextGenerator cg, EndOfSentenceScanner scanner)
          Initializes the current instance.

Uses of EndOfSentenceScanner in

Methods in that return EndOfSentenceScanner
 EndOfSentenceScanner Factory.createEndOfSentenceScanner(String languageCode)

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