Package related to identifying sentece boundries.


Interface Summary
EndOfSentenceScanner Scans Strings, StringBuffers, and char[] arrays for the offsets of sentence ending characters.
SDContextGenerator Interface for SentenceDetectorME context generators.
SentenceDetector The interface for sentence detectors, which find the sentence boundaries in a text.

Class Summary
AbstractEndOfSentenceScanner Deprecated. use DefaultEndOfSentenceScanner instead
DefaultEndOfSentenceScanner Default implementation of the EndOfSentenceScanner.
DefaultSDContextGenerator Generate event contexts for maxent decisions for sentence detection.
SentenceDetectorEvaluator The SentenceDetectorEvaluator measures the performance of the given SentenceDetector with the provided reference SentenceSamples.
SentenceDetectorME A sentence detector for splitting up raw text into sentences.
SentenceModel The SentenceModel is the model used by a learnable SentenceDetector.
SentenceSample A SentenceSample contains a document with begin indexes of the individual sentences.
SentenceSampleStream This class is a stream filter which reads a sentence by line samples from a Reader and converts them into SentenceSample objects.

Package Description

Package related to identifying sentece boundries.

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