Uses of Interface

Packages that use NameContextGenerator Package related to finding proper names and numeric amounts. 

Uses of NameContextGenerator in

Classes in that implement NameContextGenerator
 class DefaultNameContextGenerator
          Class for determining contextual features for a tag/chunk style named-entity recognizer.

Fields in declared as NameContextGenerator
protected  NameContextGenerator NameFinderME.contextGenerator

Constructors in with parameters of type NameContextGenerator
NameFinderEventStream(ObjectStream<NameSample> dataStream, String type, NameContextGenerator contextGenerator)
          Creates a new name finder event stream using the specified data stream and context generator.
NameFinderME(opennlp.model.MaxentModel mod, NameContextGenerator cg)
NameFinderME(opennlp.model.MaxentModel mod, NameContextGenerator cg, int beamSize)

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