Package related to finding proper names and numeric amounts.


Interface Summary
DocumentNameFinder Name finding interface which processes an entire document allowing the name finder to use context from the entire document.
NameContextGenerator Interface for generating the context for an name finder by specifying a set of geature generators.
TokenNameFinder The interface for name finders which provide name tags for a sequence of tokens.

Class Summary
DefaultNameContextGenerator Class for determining contextual features for a tag/chunk style named-entity recognizer.
DictionaryNameFinder This is a dictionary based name finder, it scans text for names inside a dictionary.
NameFinderEventStream Class for creating an event stream out of data files for training an name finder.
NameFinderME Class for creating a maximum-entropy-based name finder.
NameSample Class for holding names for a single unit of text.
NameSampleDataStream The NameSampleDataStream class converts tagged Strings provided by a DataStream to NameSample objects.
RegexNameFinder Name finder based on a series of regular expressions.
TokenNameFinderEvaluator The TokenNameFinderEvaluator measures the performance of the given TokenNameFinder with the provided reference NameSamples.
TokenNameFinderModel The TokenNameFinderModel is the model used by a learnable TokenNameFinder.

Package Description

Package related to finding proper names and numeric amounts.

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