This package contains classes for generating sequence features.


Interface Summary
AdaptiveFeatureGenerator An interface for generating features for name entity identification and for updating document level contexts.
FeatureGeneratorFactory The FeatureGeneratorFactory interface is factory for AdaptiveFeatureGenerators.
FeatureGeneratorResourceProvider The FeatureGeneratorResourceProvider provides access to the resources provided in the model.

Class Summary
AdditionalContextFeatureGenerator The AdditionalContextFeatureGenerator generates the context from the passed in additional context.
AggregatedFeatureGenerator The AggregatedFeatureGenerator aggregates a set of AdaptiveFeatureGenerators and calls them to generate the features.
CachedFeatureGenerator Caches features of the aggregated AdaptiveFeatureGenerators.
CharacterNgramFeatureGenerator The CharacterNgramFeatureGenerator uses character ngrams to generate features about each token.
DictionaryFeatureGenerator The DictionaryFeatureGenerator uses the DictionaryNameFinder to generated features for detected names based on the InSpanGenerator.
FastTokenClassFeatureGenerator Generates features for different for the class of the token.
FeatureGeneratorAdapter This class provides empty implementations of some of the optional methods in AdditionalContextFeatureGenerator to make implementing feature generators easier.
FeatureGeneratorUtil This class provide common utilities for feature generation.
InSpanGenerator Generates features if the tokens are recognized by the provided TokenNameFinder.
OutcomePriorFeatureGenerator The definition feature maps the underlying distribution of outcomes.
PreviousMapFeatureGenerator This FeatureGeneratorAdapter generates features indicating the outcome associated with a previously occuring word.
SentenceFeatureGenerator This feature generator creates sentence begin and end features.
StringPattern Recognizes predefined patterns in strings.
TokenClassFeatureGenerator Generates features for different for the class of the token.
TokenFeatureGenerator Generates a feature which contains the token itself.
TokenPatternFeatureGenerator Partitions tokens into sub-tokens based on character classes and generates class features for each of the sub-tokens and combinations of those sub-tokens.
WindowFeatureGenerator Generates previous and next features for a given AdaptiveFeatureGenerator.

Package Description

This package contains classes for generating sequence features.

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