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Packages that use POSContextGenerator Package related to part-of-speech tagging. 

Uses of POSContextGenerator in

Classes in that implement POSContextGenerator
 class DefaultPOSContextGenerator
          A context generator for the POS Tagger.

Fields in declared as POSContextGenerator
protected  POSContextGenerator POSTaggerME.contextGen
          The feature context generator.

Methods in with parameters of type POSContextGenerator
static List<opennlp.model.Event> POSSampleEventStream.generateEvents(String[] sentence, String[] tags, POSContextGenerator cg)

Constructors in with parameters of type POSContextGenerator
POSEventCollector(Reader data, POSContextGenerator gen)
          Deprecated. Initializes the current instance.
POSEventGenerator(POSContextGenerator pcg)
          Deprecated. Creates an event generator with the specified context generator.
POSEventStream(opennlp.maxent.DataStream d, POSContextGenerator cg)
          Deprecated. Initializes the current instance.
POSSampleEventStream(ObjectStream<POSSample> samples, POSContextGenerator cg)
          Initializes the current instance with the given samples and the given POSContextGenerator.
POSSampleSequenceStream(ObjectStream<POSSample> psi, POSContextGenerator pcg)
POSTaggerME(opennlp.model.AbstractModel model, POSContextGenerator cg)
POSTaggerME(opennlp.model.AbstractModel model, POSContextGenerator cg, TagDictionary tagdict)
POSTaggerME(int beamSize, opennlp.model.AbstractModel model, POSContextGenerator cg, TagDictionary tagdict)

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