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Packages that use Context Package related to the modeling mentions for coreference resolution. Package related to the modeling mention similarity for coreference resolution. 

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 class MentionContext
          Data structure representation of a mention with additional contextual information.

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Methods in that return Context
static Context[] Context.constructContexts(Mention[] mentions, HeadFinder headFinder)
static Context Context.parseContext(String word)

Methods in with parameters of type Context
 double TestSimilarityModel.compatible(Context np1, Context np2)
 double SimilarityModel.compatible(Context mention1, Context mention2)
          Returns a number between 0 and 1 which represents the models belief that the specified mentions are compatible.
 Gender MaxentCompatibilityModel.computeGender(Context c)
 Number MaxentCompatibilityModel.computeNumber(Context c)
 double[] TestGenderModel.genderDistribution(Context np1)
 double[] GenderModel.genderDistribution(Context np1)
 NumberEnum NumberModel.getNumber(Context ec)
 double[] TestNumberModel.numberDist(Context np1)
 double[] NumberModel.numberDist(Context c)
 void TrainSimilarityModel.setExtents(Context[] extents)
          Creates simialrity training pairs based on the specified extents.
 void SimilarityModel.setExtents(Context[] extentContexts)
 void NumberModel.setExtents(Context[] extentContexts)
 void GenderModel.setExtents(Context[] extentContexts)

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