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Packages that use NonReferentialResolver Package related to resolution techniques for coreference resolution. 

Uses of NonReferentialResolver in

Classes in that implement NonReferentialResolver
 class DefaultNonReferentialResolver
          Default implementation of the NonReferentialResolver interface.
 class FixedNonReferentialResolver
          Implementation of non-referential classifier which uses a fixed-value threshold.
 class SingletonNonReferentialResolver
          This class allows you to share a single instance of a non-referential resolver among several resolvers.

Fields in declared as NonReferentialResolver
protected  NonReferentialResolver MaxentResolver.nonReferentialResolver
          The model for computing non-referential probabilities.

Constructors in with parameters of type NonReferentialResolver
CommonNounResolver(String projectName, ResolverMode m, NonReferentialResolver nrr)
DefiniteNounResolver(String projectName, ResolverMode m, NonReferentialResolver nrr)
IsAResolver(String projectName, ResolverMode m, NonReferentialResolver nrr)
MaxentResolver(String modelDirectory, String name, ResolverMode mode, int numberOfEntitiesBack, boolean preferFirstReferent, NonReferentialResolver nonReferentialResolver)
          Creates a maximum-entropy-based resolver with the specified model name, using the specified mode, which will look the specified number of entities back for a referent and prefer the first referent if specified.
MaxentResolver(String modelDirectory, String modelName, ResolverMode mode, int numberEntitiesBack, NonReferentialResolver nonReferentialResolver)
PluralNounResolver(String projectName, ResolverMode m, NonReferentialResolver nrr)
PluralPronounResolver(String projectName, ResolverMode m, NonReferentialResolver nrr)
ProperNounResolver(String projectName, ResolverMode m, NonReferentialResolver nonRefResolver)
SingularPronounResolver(String projectName, ResolverMode m, NonReferentialResolver nonReferentialResolver)
SpeechPronounResolver(String projectName, ResolverMode m, NonReferentialResolver nrr)

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