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Packages that use AbstractResolver Package related to performing coreference resolution. Package related to resolution techniques for coreference resolution. 

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Fields in declared as AbstractResolver
protected  AbstractResolver[] AbstractLinker.resolvers
          The resolvers used by this Linker.

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Subclasses of AbstractResolver in
 class CommonNounResolver
          Resolves coreference between common nouns.
 class DefiniteNounResolver
          Resolves coreference between definite noun-phrases.
 class IsAResolver
          Resolves coreference between appositives.
 class MaxentResolver
          Provides common functionality used by classes which implement the Resolver class and use maximum entropy models to make resolution decisions.
 class PerfectResolver
          Resolver used in training to update the discourse model based on the coreference annotation.
 class PluralNounResolver
          Resolves coreference between plural nouns.
 class PluralPronounResolver
          Resolves coreference between plural pronouns and their referents.
 class ProperNounResolver
          Resolves coreference between proper nouns.
 class SingularPronounResolver
          This class resolver singular pronouns such as "he", "she", "it" and their various forms.
 class SpeechPronounResolver
          Resolves pronouns specific to quoted speech such as "you", "me", and "I".

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