Uses of Interface

Packages that use MentionFinder Package related to performing coreference resolution. Package related to the modeling mentions for coreference resolution. 

Uses of MentionFinder in

Fields in declared as MentionFinder
protected  MentionFinder AbstractLinker.mentionFinder
          The mention finder used to find mentions.

Methods in that return MentionFinder
 MentionFinder Linker.getMentionFinder()
          Returns the mention finder for this linker.
 MentionFinder AbstractLinker.getMentionFinder()

Uses of MentionFinder in

Classes in that implement MentionFinder
 class AbstractMentionFinder
          Provides default implementation of many of the methods in the MentionFinder interface.
 class PTBMentionFinder
          Finds mentions from Penn Treebank style parses.
 class ShallowParseMentionFinder
          Finds mentions from shallow np-chunking based parses.

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