Interface ChunkerContextGenerator

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ChunkContextGenerator, DefaultChunkerContextGenerator

public interface ChunkerContextGenerator
extends BeamSearchContextGenerator<String>

Interface for the context generator used in syntactic chunking.

Method Summary
 String[] getContext(int i, String[] toks, String[] tags, String[] preds)
          Returns the contexts for chunking of the specified index.
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String[] getContext(int i,
                    String[] toks,
                    String[] tags,
                    String[] preds)
Returns the contexts for chunking of the specified index.

i - The index of the token in the specified toks array for which the context should be constructed.
toks - The tokens of the sentence. The toString methods of these objects should return the token text.
tags - The POS tags for the the specified tokens.
preds - The previous decisions made in the taging of this sequence. Only indices less than i will be examined.
An array of predictive contexts on which a model basis its decisions.

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